Here Is Why #BoycottBinance Is Trending On Twitter

Here is Why #BoycottBinance is Trending on Twitter

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On Saturday, Luna Classic ($LUNC) community storms Twitter with the hashtag #BoycottBinance. Many crypto users don’t even know why the hashtag #BoycottBinance is trending. Here in this article, we are going to tell you why the $LUNC community is boycotting the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange.

So in the recent AMA held by Binance on their Twitter space clears that they are not supporting the  Luna Classic ($LUNC) burning. They also stated that they don’t believe that the LUNC burning will help the LUNC anywhere in the future. 

A few days back, Binance CEO CZ said, “A while back, I was asked about the LUNC burn on Twitter, and I responded that the project needs to implement it on chain first. This comment was a bit open to interpretation, and many people thought this meant that if it happens on-chain, Binance will implement all LUNC burning off-chain too. This is a wrong interpretation. I didn’t make any promises. My comment was simply that, as a business, we wouldn’t even consider implementing something that isn’t done on the protocol level first.”