Big Etheruem Whale starts to accumulate these 4 altcoins as the crypto market starts to recovers

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As per the Whalestats data, a massive Etheruem has just bought $30.6 million worth of altcoins. The whale whose wallet is named ‘light’ has accumulated four major altcoins.

The whale has bought chainlink (LINK) for a total of $251,70,000. Currently, chainlink is trading at $25.65 and has a ranking of 17th in the crypto market.

The whale has also purchased OMG token which is ranked 122nd in the Crypto market. Right now, OMG is trading at $5.98.

This massive Etheruem Whale has also bought the last year’s best performing crypto coin, Shiba Inu (SHIB). The whale has loaded a bag of almost 59 billion SHIB tokens for $1,906,592.

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The fourth altcoin that has been on the list of whale was Gala (GALA). Gala is play-to-earn gaming platform. The whale has accumulated 32,60,000 GALA for $1,137,691.

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