Tron Price Prediction 2021 - TRX Upcoming Events and Big News

Tron Price Prediction 2022 – TRX Upcoming Events and Big News

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Tron is a decentralized blockchain platform with a mission to complete the gap between the content creators and between the consumers by removing the middleman. Tron, founded in 2017 in Singapore offers high scalability and provides decentralized applications through its smart contracts.

Tron (TRX) is one of the favorite cryptocurrencies of investors. In this article, we are going to discuss Tron Price Prediction 2022. 

TRON (TRX) Coin Overview





Market Cap


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Tron Coin Price Prediction 202

Tron is a decentralized platform that is appropriate for the Dapps requisite for speedy transactions, especially for games. Tron (TRX) is currently trading at the price of $0.06413. The cryptocurrency touched its all-time high of $0.231673 in January 2018. Till now TRX has dumped by almost 76%. 

Tron claims that its network has a capacity of 2,000 transactions per second. While on the contrary, Bitcoin can handle Six and Ethereum has the capacity of 25 transactions per second. 

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TRX has almost covered its price after the big dump. As per experts, the Tron price prediction for 2022 is in bullish mode. The price of TRX can be seen in between $0.1 to $0.20 till the end of 2022.

Tron (TRX) Upcoming Events and News 2022

Tron had 3 big events in the year 2021. The investors expected a surge in the price of this cryptocurrency during these events. But the coin didnt performed as per the expectations. 

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The first event of TRX was on 6 October 2021, which was its first NFT Airdrop. The second event of the TRX coin was on 13 October which was a Crypto Expo event in Dubai. The third event was on 23 November which held in Hong Kong. 

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