Top 5 Cryptocurrencies To Buy Under $5 For Next Bull Run

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Buy Under $5 for next Bull Run

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Today we are diving into the real crypto gems which have the potential to do 10x to 100x in the upcoming bull market. Here we have sorted the list of Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Buy Under $5 for the next Bull Run. 

Best Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to buy under $5

1. Polkadot ($DOT): Polkadot stands out currently as the best cryptocurrency to buy now under $5. Polkadot’s native token $DOT is right now trading near  $4. The development in Polkadot and future news are looking bullish for their token. 

Recently, Polkadot has announced that they are carrying out a significant update by adding 1000 parachains to its ecosystem which will make the Polkadot ecosystem more enhancable. 

2. Arbitrum ($ARB): Arbitrum is the newest launched Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution. Arbitrum’s main goal is to improve speed, scalability, and cost-efficiency on Ethereum. Arbitrum’s native token $ARB is currently trading near $0.82 and the token ranks #40 in the crypto world.

As per Arbitrum’s road map 2023, they are going to launch their own layer three solutions called ‘orbit’. Arbitrum clicked its ATH of $11.80 during its listing in March 2023. 

3. Vechain ($VET): Vechain ranks three in our list of top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Buy Under $5. Vechain’s aim is to an ecosystem that addresses significant data challenges across various global industries, ranging from healthcare and energy to food and beverage, as well as sustainability by creating distributed governance and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

Vechain’s native token $VET ranks #37 globally and now is trading at $0.01680. Recently Vechain released its self custody wallet called ‘VeWorld’. 

4. Ripple ($XRP): Ripple’s native token $XRP is the most famous cryptocurrency after Bitcoin ($BTC), and Ethereum ($ETH). XRP is known for its scalability, cost-efficiency, and speed which settles the transaction in 3 to 4 seconds.

XRP currently ranks #5 globally and is trading near $0.50. Ripple Labs notches landmark win in SEC case over XRP cryptocurrency which pushed the $XRP price to almost $0.85. 

5. Polygon ($MATIC): Polygon ($MATIC) is a popular cryptocurrency and blockchain platform known for its scalability solutions for Ethereum. It aims to enhance the efficiency and usability of the Ethereum network by providing a layer 2 scaling solution.

$MATIC is currently trading near $0.52 and ranks globally #14. Polygon Labs is taking significant steps toward realizing its vision of a connected layer-2 Ethereum ecosystem driven by zero-knowledge cryptography. This journey commences with the introduction of three initial improvement proposals, marking the commencement of the transition towards Polygon 2.0. 


Investing in these Top 5 Cryptocurrencies under $5 could potentially yield significant returns while minimizing your initial investment. Remember, the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and it’s crucial to conduct your research and make informed decisions.

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