NEAR Protocol Integration Declared by Binance Custody

NEAR Protocol Integration Declared by Binance Custody

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NEAR Foundation has declared its integration with Binance Custody, an institutional-grade digital asset custody solution. With the integration, institutional users will be able to secure their NEAR assets and other NEP-141 compatible tokens with Binance Custody.

Additionally, the integration makes it possible for Binance Custody to offer future support for any NEP-141-compliant tokens from NEAR-based projects.

Simply put, NEP-141 is a set of guidelines that govern how tokens on NEAR can function. It is an improvement over the previous NEP-21 standard since it is less complicated for users and developers, as well as more affordable and effective.

Binance Custody, launched in December 2021, is an independent, compliant, and audited custodial solution that currently supports over 230 digital assets. 

Near Protocol is seeing growth, as reflected in the number of its wallet users. The NEAR Wallet had only 2 million users at the start of this year. However, by November, this number had skyrocketed to over 20 million users, representing the wallet’s tenfold growth in less than a year.

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