US Man wakes up with $1.3 trillion in cryptocurrency, Can't withdraw it

US Man wakes up with $1.3 Trillion in Cryptocurrency, Can’t withdraw it

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A man named Christopher Williamson from Georgia is a trillionaire as per his Cryptocurrency wallet but there is one problem that he can’t withdraw that money.

Christopher Williamson invested $20 in a $hit coin named Rocket Bunny. The coin never even touched the mark of $0.00000000007. After few days, Williamson found that his $20 had multiplied by 65 Billion times.

But the main problem starts here, Williamson rushed to his computer to withdraw all his money from his Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase but the exchange always popped out with errors.

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A few days back, Christopher Williamson tweeted a picture of his portfolio. He tweets, Day Three – Still a trillionaire according to @coinbase . I’m gonna need an emotional support penguin if this goes into Day Four”.

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