Junko Inu coin price prediction and upcoming events

Junko Inu coin price prediction and upcoming events

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After the massive success of meme-based crypto coins like Dogecoin and Shiba inu this year, the crypto market has boomed with meme coins.

Just like them, a new meme based crypto coin which is inspired by Shiba inu is entered into the crypto world named ‘Junko Inu‘.

What is the Junko Inu coin?

Junko Inu coin is inspired by Shiba Inu ($SHIB) and is known as its cousin child project.

As per the official website of Junko Inu, he is the First Child of Shiba inu’s cousin, he grew up with his uncle “Shiba Inu” due to some issues Junko Inu’s family faced as a kid. Junko inu presently takes Shiba inu as his uncle, Mentor, Godfather & father he never had as a kid.

Junko Inu coin Overview

Junko Inu Price: $0.000000000427 (while writing this article)

Market Cap: NA

Trading Volume: $7,750

Total Supply: 1,000 T

Market Rank: #5780

Junko Inu coin upcoming events

Junko Inu coin price prediction and upcoming events

In the next week, there is a big event for the Junko Inu token, as it is going to list on a crypto exchange.

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On 27 December 2021, Junko Inu is going to list on XT.com in USDT pair.

As per XT.com, the trading of JUNKOINU/USDT pair will start at 10:00 (UTC) on December 27 and the withdrawal will start at 9:00 (UTC) on December 28, 2021.

Junko Inu coin price prediction

Currently, the Junko inu coin price is $0.000000000427 (while writing this article)

As per the upcoming events, the Junko inu Price can be seen between $0.0……440 to $0.0…..450 by the end of this year.

Where to buy Junko Inu?

Currently, you can buy junko inu token only in pancakeswap in JUNKOINU/WBNB pair. But after December 27, users can also trade in USDT pairs on XT.com.

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