Top 10 Crypto Tax-Free Countries & Worst Countries for Crypto

Top 10 Crypto Tax-Free Countries & Worst Countries for Crypto

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Recently, the Government of India has imposed a heavy tax of 30% and 1% TDS (starting from July 1st) on Cryptocurrency. Here we have brought you the list of Top 10 Crypto Tax-Free Countries and the worst countries for cryptocurrency.

Top 10 Crypto Tax-Free Countries:

1. Germany
2. El Salvador
3. Belarus
4. Malta
5. Portugal
6. Singapore
7. Malaysia
8. Peurto Rico
9. the Cayman Islands
10. Switzerland

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Worst Countries For Cryptocurrency:

1. Netherlands: People have to pay tax on Staking, Mining, Defi activities, as well as on Hodling.

2. France: Normal Traders have to pay 30% Tax while Professional Traders have to pay 45% of income tax.

3. India: The crypto users have to pay 30% tax on profit and loss and on Airdrops. The Indian government is soon levying a 1% TDS charge on crypto from July 1st, 2022.

4. Japan: Cryptocurrency investors in Japan have to pay a maximum of 55% of income tax.

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