Binance ready to list PLA and AMP

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The worlds biggest cryptocurrency exchange Binance is going to list 2 new coins. Amp (AMP) & PlayDapp (PLA) are the two new coins that are going to be listed on Binance.

Binance will open trading for AMP & PLA are as follows, AMP/BTC, AMP/BNB, AMP/BUSD, AMP/USDT, PLA/BTC, PLA/BNB, PLA/BUSD, and PLA/USDT. The new coins will be listed on 23-11-21 at 6:00 UTC and the withdrawals will be open on 24-11-21 at 6:00 UTC.

What is PlayDapp?

PlayDapp is a blockchain gaming platform that targets to make digital assets accessible to the masses. PLA is the native utility token and is used as an incentive for game developers and to facilitate in-game transactions.

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What is AMP?

Flexa is a cryptocurrency payment network that makes it easier for merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments. AMP is the native token in the Flexa payment network.

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