186 Million Shiba Inu Tokens will be Destroyed in Coming Days

186 Million Shiba Inu Tokens will be Destroyed in Coming Days

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Bigger Entertainment is the company which is actively destroying Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens is planning to burn more Shiba Inu coins in the coming days. Bigger Entertainment has already said that they are arranging coin burning event on the 14th of February which is on Valentine’s Day.

Currently, the company is planning to burn 186,199,422 Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens in the next few days. Steven Cooper, the founder of Bigger Entertainment has asked Shib Army to help them to burn more SHIB coins by purchasing their event ticket which costs around $5.

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Right now Shib is trading at $0.0000321 which is almost 50% up from the recent crypto market crash. Currently, the token is almost down by 63% from its all-time low. 

36 Million Shiba Inu tokens burned

In the last 24 hours, around 36 million shib tokens have been permanently removed from circulation. A total of 17,414,803 tokens has been destroyed with the help of 9 transactions. As per the data, around 19,415,027 shib tokens were burned in the month of January. 

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